This Service is Free!!!

I know, I know - sounds to good to be true. Give me a chance to share a little history and I think you might be pleasantly surprised at where this will lead you. 

I have been a consummate volunteer all of my adult life. I have been on more boards than I can count, ran fundraising campaigns, came up with the marketing slogans and chaired all of the efforts. I actually have my own Non Profit and, I remember the days of having my little people (and their parent's) stand in front of grocery stores to sell items for an up-coming field trip. It was  exhausting.

By the time, you add up your profit, minus the money you paid up front,  you wish you had just asked 100 people to give you ten dollars. Seriously, am I the only one?

A few years ago, a phenomenal company that I was working with began to offer an unbelievable solution. Like myself, the CEO believed in helping out those who either had a 501 c3 in place or that had a tax EIN on file. Why? Because he recognized this reality -  Fundraising substantially challenges non-profit organizations more and more every day. federal, state, and local agencies are not committing as many resources to funding non-profits. Supporters are finding it harder and harder to contribute anything more than their time.

The solution. We offer a FREE website for Non Profit Organizations and help people come together to make a difference.  Your non-profit receives a fully e-commerce enabled website with access to millions of products and thousands of brand name stores. Supporters do not have to change their buying habits. They sign-in at the organizations website and shop at their favorite stores like Target, Macy's, Groupon, Best Buy, Walmart, Sears, The Home Depot and Staples. We have thousands of stores and millions of products! The supporters save money, get access to exclusive deals, earn up to 50% cash back on qualified purchases, and the non-profit organization receives weekly and monthly royalties based on the supporters’ purchases.

The most phenomenal thing about this entire process is that my consulting time is also totally free of charge. It is my responsibility to make sure that this effort works for you. I have several Non Profits that can attest to the validity of the process. And, because of technology, I have the ability to work globally. It is a win/win. Think about it, if it costs nothing, how can you lose?

If you would like more valuable information, Please fill out the form and I promise to contact you at a time that is most convenient for you.