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I have always loved people. My adoration for them has taken on many forms over the years. My mother says when I was  a young girl in Japan, I could imitate all of the Japanese women who cared for me and my sisters. Their posture, their mannerisms and even their speech. Imitation is often the sincerest form of flattery. 

As I grew as a young adult and a seasoned woman, it was apparent that I loved to mentor people and to ultimately help them acheive their potential. Because of my love for wellness, mentally, spiritually and physically, I wanted to work with health professionals. I currently work with two powerful women - one a Chiropractor, here in Charlotte and the other, a Nurse Practitioner, in Dallas Texas. We are changing the way people look at their health/supplementation. For more interest or to join a free health seminar, click here 

In June of 2019, I attended a two-day Nutrametrix training, in Dallas Texas, which afforded me the opportunity to learn the following:

  • Sales Fundamentals
  • Principles of Nutrition
  • Isotonic Formulations and Product Regimens – science behind the products
  • Interpreting & Marketing Gene SNP
  • Obesity & the Transitions Low Glycemic Solution
  • Nutraceutical Industry Quality Control & Regulatory Issues
  • Advanced Selling Techniques to Grow Your Business
  • Working with Different Health Professionals
  • Understand the Latest Science Behind nutraMetrix Products
  • Teach Health Professionals How to Promote Nutraceuticals & Maximize Sales.

    Yes, I know. It seems like a lot, right? I was appreciative of such vast training for several reasons. I have an immense amount of respect for health professionals. I really wanted to make sure that I understood the science behind our products and how they could offer them to their patients. And, I wanted to be sure that I could train staff to implement customizable solutions for every patient. 

I’m a nutraMetrix Consultant because it’s my mission to help those who help others. I believe I have the solutions to:

    • - make practices more profitable
      - decrease stress for providers
      - give them shortcuts to exposing more potential patients to their practice
      - provide turnkey systems to offer alternatives to traditional, and 
      pharmaceutical-heavy, offerings
      - customize health and nutrition for every patient, which increases compliance
      and patient retention, which gives the provider better results in less time
      - offer financial gains for retirement
      - create options for provider, like more time with their family and less time in
      the office without sacrificing their income

If you are a health professional, in any capacity, and would like more information
about how you can continue to serve your patients/clientele, please fill out the
form below for a no cost consultation. And click on the flyer to learn more about nutrametrix. 

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