The Story 

Aristotle is well known for the following quote - "The whole is more than the sum of its parts" The stream line meaning of this quote is that things are so much better when they are  together than when they are in pieces.

Although I am extremely grateful for all of life's experiences, places traveled, beautiful landscapes that I have viewed and the honor of having loved and been loved by others, I am conscious that each of those memories, alone, are not as wonderful as the entire legacy of my life.

The environment that has always brought me the most joy is any one that involves my family. Both of my parent's, have gigantic personalities; they are lovers of words, music and, people. My sisters and I have always been each others' best friends and I know this was cultivated because of our Military background. My parent's would remind us, each time we moved from place to place, you still have each other. 

Regardless of my scholastic ability, my report cards  always reflected the fact that I had a difficult time keeping my thoughts from coming out of my mouth. It was equally obvious that I had a hard time keeping still. To this day, I think more is better and, I still have a lot to say about a lot. When you are younger, it is hard to embrace the things in your life that might seem to be abnormal. If you keep living, it really does come together in a most beautiful way.

Like most people, I have had several jobs, a career and, I even served in the United States Army. At one point, I had three jobs at one time and more than one altruistic responsibility. 

Anyone that knows me well and, is honest, will tell you that I am opinionated but fair. That I love to laugh and that I am a consummate host. They will also tell you I love biographical information and, my books are an extension of myself. 

My life as an entrepreneur began 20 years ago. I now consider it a divine intervention but at that time, it was just a conversation. A dear friend of mine that I absolutely trusted, talked to me about owning my own business. I had never thought about being my own boss nor did I understand what it even looked like. Did you know that people do not really buy into an idea? They buy into the personality that reveals an idea to them. 

Here I am today, married with three adult children, a grandmother and, a woman dedicated to juggling several passions at one time. I could not be more thrilled. And, yes.....Sunishines!