Balance - the great equalizer.

I must begin this conversation by shouting, "I do not declare myself to be an expert on all things health and fitness"! However, I am a certified Nutrametrix consultant who invests my time, energy and resources on training that give me the opportunity to work along-side medical professionals. Most physicians are treating their patients with the goal of seeing results, versus side effects, from prescription drugs. We plan to accomplish this, one person at a time.

At the age of 61, I have no hypertensive issues, no blood pressure or cholesterol scares and I exercise regularly. I have never had any health disorders, I started taking Nutraceutical supplements (click here for info) as a preventive daily habit, over twenty years ago. My constant goal is to eat based on the Pareto principle. Put plainly, the rule means that you choose to eat healthy foods 80 per cent of the time, which then allows you to indulge in your favorite treats 20 per cent of the time. Do I always abide by the principle? I address this question below. 

My love of exercise, was developed by watching my mother who was a very popular step aerobics instructor, back in the day. Her classes were always filled to capacity because of her love for music and people. She made exercise fun. As a matter of fact, that is my first recommendation about exercise. Find a form of exercise that you really enjoy. And, switch it up after 6 months to a year so that you can experience something new. 

And, it is never too late to develop a passion for working out. I was 52 years old when I started running. It started out as a fast walk and then in order to develop proper form, I joined a running club. Soon, I was running in my first 5K race and it wasn't my last. I became so passionate about running, that I began coaching others. I was 56 when I hiked my first strenuous mountain. In May of 2018, I hiked a beautiful 4 mile trail in Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas. It was my 5th hike. At the age of 61, I now have 9 hikes under my belt. I am grateful to be among the minority of people who don't have any prescription bottles filling up their bathrooms. 

I mentioned the 80/20 principle, and I really cling to this, because it doesn't stifle my lifestyle. So, 80% of the time, my goal is to stay away from foods that will not benefit me. You know - breads, processed foods, high caloric, etc. Now there are some foods that I NEVER put in my system. For example, soda. I have not had a soda in over 25 years. 20% of the time, I will eat a hamburger (preferably made in my kitchen), eat pizza or open up a can of something. This last one is rare indeed. Be very careful about eating out of a can because of the sodium intake, among other things. Do I ever turn the principle upside down? Absolutely! Especially when I travel or when I am hosting. I quickly get back on track when the fun is over. When I celebrated my 60th birthday in Miami, and then took off for a cruise to the Bahamas, I definitely had the principle flipped! Immediately after, I started my detox. My aim is always balance.  Because it is easy to blame everything on Covid, I believe my recent weight gain (more so inches) is because of my limitations. No gym, lots of carbs (which is quite unlike me) and some emotional woes have certainly been a horrible mix. I recently hired a trainer and I expect the next couple of months to bring some relief. Stay tuned. 

I believe "wellness" is also developed by reading good material and associating yourself with non-toxic individuals. I am a lover of biographies and information that expands my thinking. What kind of material do you enjoy? I also believe in living without regret and participating in things I am afraid of. On my 60th birthday, I jumped off of a catamaran into a large body of water, off the gulf of Mexico. I was terrified, but I never let fear control my actions.  

The people that I have healthy relationships with, are people that strengthen my resolve to pursue my passions. They are also people that can offer candid criticisms with the pure intent of helping me grow. Lastly, we can approach a multitude of subjects and disagree, respectfully. 

Most of what I have learned about wellness, comes from experiential opportunities. Years ago, I traveled to Miami and attended a two day training that offered so much scientific information about low glycemic eating and health disorders. I was fascinated and that is when I really had a change of heart. The quest has continued and recently (while attending a health symposium in Dallas, Texas) I heard a quote from a health professional. I laughed when i Heard it, but quickly realized the magnitude of what she was saying.  The quote - "heart disease, blood pressure and cholesterol issues don't run in your family, bad recipes do". In other words, what are you consuming? If you have an interest in a free online program, please click here and you can also contact me for a one on one (free) consultation. Together, we can get there. 

Life indeed is about balance. If the pendulum swings to far, one way or the other, the imbalance will affect you very drastically. I look forward to sharing a myriad of recipes, books, exercise routines and my favorite supplements via my Blog